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Desk Mounted Eco Panel Screen

Desk Mounted Eco Panel Screen Add a privacy screen with the Eco panel. Simply clamp the screen onto your desk to add privacy and...
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Desk Mounted Screens

Desk mounted screens are great for privacy and acoustic reasons. It can be very uncomfortable for people to be constantly in visibility of their fellow co-workers while they concentrate. It can lead to workers being unable to enter the "flow-state" as they are always aware that their every facial response, movement, etc. can be seen by their co-worker.  Admit it, when you are concentrating one a difficult task, you probably make a hundred different weird concentration faces! For this reason, desk mounted screens were invented. The added bit of privacy allows workers to feel as though they are not constantly being visually monitored, which offers a feeling of autonomy. It also allows other people to be spared of all the weird concentration faces we all make from time to time! Desk mounted screens can also help to break up the noise in the office when you purchase acoustic type screens. 

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