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ErgoFlip Showcase

The ErgoFlip Active Chair has two unique seating surfaces, flipping from conventional to an active/Fit Ball with the flip of the cushion base. This chair is Australian Made and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The ErgoFlip provides superior comfort for work or play.


Endorsed By Australian Physiotherapy Association

Kathryn Anderson walks us through the major features of the ErgoFlip and demonstrates how active sitting works. This demonstration clearly demonstrates the benefits of a unique 2-in-1 active chair. The active surface works to keep your hips in alignment, while also giving you the option to perform minor hip adjustments that static seating simply does not offer.

Adrianna Cann's Use of ErgoFlip

Ergonomics aren't just useful in the workplace or home office but can also be used as a safe exercise chair for elderly people who require more support than an exercise ball can offer. This video goes through how the ErgoFlip is helping senior Australians to stay active and safe.


Record Holder Marcus Bondi Recommends ErgoFlip

Exercise and comfortable modern seating in one! World Record holder and trainer Marcus Bondi walks users through the great benefits of a 2-in-1 active seating chair. Stay fit and active!

Fans LOVE ErgoFlip

Hear from first time users of the ErgoFlip chair their impressions of how the active seat feels to sit on!

Physiotherapists Recommend ErgoFlip

Physiotherapists across Australia use and recommend the ErgoFlip chair. It is a great way to remain active if you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle.

TGA Certification

The ErgoFlip is completely certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Australian Made Ergonomic Seating

Aussie made! When you purchase ErgoFlip chairs, you are supporting Australian manufacturing.

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Australian Physiotherapy Association endorses the ErgoFlip Australian made chairs.

The ErgoFlip Range

ErgoFlip 2-in-1 Office Chair

Premium Ergonomic Office Chair. Designed For Those Who Seek The Best In Firm Yet Comfortable Supportive Office Chairs.


  • Therapod Intelligent Fit Technology
  • Bio Seat Technology
  • Designer Syncronised Mechanism With Intuitive Automatic Adjustment
  • Quality European Style Stitching
  • Polished Base
Sold out

Sold out

ErgoFlip Active Utility Chair

Premium Mid Back Seating Solution. Cut From The Same Cloth As The High Back Variant.


  • Therapod Intelligent Fit Technology
  • Bio Seat Technology
  • Designer Syncronised Mechanism with Intuitive Automatic Adjustment
  • Quality European Style Stitching
  • Black Nylon Base

ErgoFlip Active Stool

Real Leather Finish For Extended Durability & Premium Comfort. The Ultimate Executive Chair.


  • Real Leather (Various Colours Available On Request)
  • Therapod Intelligent Fit Technology
  • Bio Seat Technology
  • Designer Syncronised Mechanism With Intuitive Automatic Adjustment
  • Quality European Style Stitching
  • Polished Base
Sold out

Easy Assembly

The ErgoFlip is super easy to assemble. Just check out this explainer video to see how it is done!

Easy Flip

It is super easy to flip to the active seat. This explainer video shows us how easy it is to flip the seat.

Easy Refill

Over time your active seat may need a small top-up! This video shows how easy it is to add a little air to the seat.

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How To Use The ErgoFlip

Frequency Of Use

To best maximise the use of the ErgoFlip set your break out clock every 1 to 2 hours to create movement at your desk and use for 20 to 30 minutes at the one time or longer but ensure you keep your back supported adjusting your backrest accordingly.


When starting any new movement / exercise always ease into it to find your comfort limit. Some mild discomfort may be experienced, but if significant pain is felt then ease off and try a more gentle version of the exercise and consult a health professional for alternative options.


  • Micro-breaks: Micro-breaks are less than two minutes long and perfect to do between bouts of computer work. Though micro-breaks are short, you can stretch, stand up, move around. A micro-break isn't necessarily a break from work, but it's a break from using a set of muscles.

Exercise Breaks

  • Exercise breaks: Referring to gentlle exercises you can do to help relieve muscle fatigue. You can do these every one to two hours.

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